Re: Toroids

My mind is too shot to figure all this out, I have to wait untill Terry
(hopefully) explains how to calculate the output impedance of the coils.

Today I made the electrode holders for the rotary gap that I am
currently making. They are presition turned in bronze, and I found out
that they could easily be made to also act as holders for the moving
electrodes on the rotary disk. Nice rounded design, that clamps through
holes in the disk. This could posibly be a great aid to anyone trying to
make a rotary, without the access, and the ability to operate a metal
lathe. The electrodes are a snug sliding fit, and can be arrested in any
reasonable position. A set of four rotating, and 6 stationary electrodes
could probably be made available for around 100 USD. Do you thing that
may spur interest around?

I have wound a 4" by 16 " secondary, and it is the one where I have been
able to make the polyurethane-coat with the least specs of dust. Looks

Also got t peristaltic pumps from a friend, which would be great for
linear actuators based on  silicone oil hydraulics. They would make nice
remotely controlled axial positioners for the secondary (coupling) and
the toroid, (Secondary res.).

I could make that easily, and it would allow live adjustments of the 2
parameters, since the actuating medium is insulating in itself, as well
as being led through silicone rubber hoses.

Bleeding, from a sharp edge on the technology.

Cheers, Finn Hammer

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> > I was trying to calculate the reflected streamer load trough the
> >turnsratio squared, but that doesn`t seem to work well. Any ideas?
> > Cheers, Finn Hammer
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> Hi Finn,
> I forgot to mention also, Terry uses the 2pi  (6.28) factor times the
> Xs to find the optimal match load impedance.  So that should all be
> figured into the calcs too.
> Cheers,
> John