TC on TV

All, especially Ontario coilers!
CBC TV-5 Toronto has produced a 10 minute mini-documentary on the Search for
Extraterrestrial Intelligence, better known by the acronym SETI which will air
on the CBC evening news during their 6 PM Evening News newscast about 6:15 EST,
next Wednesday, November 24.  Most of us Teslaphiles know Nikola  thought he
heard signals from extraterrestrials (Martians), but that isn't the connection
I'm making here to this list.  My MTC-1 developmental laboratory Tesla coil
operating at ~8 kVA out on the AREA31 Testing Range rail car will be shown
doing a lightning hurling sequence in the item, and I've just learned that the
CBC are going to use the coil firing sequence in the item previews which will
begin to be aired this coming Saturday during interprogram commercial breaks. 
Fellow Ontario coiler Jeffrey Wiggins was here helping out during the shoot
early this summer and just may appear in the broadcast footage helping push the
test car into position.  Thanx  imperial loads Jeff!
MTC-1 is a highly successful compact single classical coil system which can
hurl 'em 13+ feet at this modest power level.  Pictures of it in operation may
also be seen at
ies-dot-com/CapeCanaveral/Hangar/3108/rwsmap3.html. This coil is the one shown with
the red 15 inch OD secondary resonator and 4 white HDPE interspacial insulating
disks (ala'Jetson's futuristic). Enjoy!
Robert W. Stephens
AREA31 Research Facility
AREA31 Radio Observatory
Principal Investigator
Project TARGET SETI Program