Re: Thin vs. thick wire with fewer turns, observations.

> > Hi John,
> >   From the information you give and making a few
> guesses, I would estimate
> > that the output impedance of your coil went from
> 327K ohms down to 111K
> > ohms with the changes you made.  
> Hi Terry,
> Thanks for reminding me about the impedance issue, I
> hadn't been
> thinking about that!  This might explain the results
> I've seen in some
> other TC tests too.  

> > If one assumes that a streamer presents a load of
> 220k in series with 5pF
> > (Z=416K at 90kHz and Z=263K at 200kHz) then your
> old set up was probably
> > impedance matched better to the streamer load than
> your new setup.  

.  I still find it hard
> to believe that 220K ohms
> > in series with 5pF is the impedance of ALL
> secondary arcs.  However, it
> > always seems to work in every case so far...
 Hi Terry,John
 It is very important topic :Corona impedance.Me also
can hard belive that R=220 kohm is a fixed value in
corona impedance.It could be working in cases of
smaller coils but try it at bigger sy stems (Electrum
coil waveforms at http://www.lod-dot-org for example).With
minimum impedance   of Zc=220 kohm in that model
applied  (Xc=0) current sphere -arc would be only I=8
A at Fr=38 khz.The fact : Measured effective value has
been about I~20 A oscillating at Fr.My opinion is as
system size grows up considerably ,and energy level
too,R decreases.Good news is that 1.5 pF/ft still
holds well for most of the coils.
Just thoughts.

Boris (planning to set up 5 kw coil for N.Year
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