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Date: Wednesday, November 17, 1999 5:06 AM
Subject: Triggered discharge's article Photonics Spectra Nov99 Pg100

>Original Poster: Dale Hall <Dale.Hall-at-trw-dot-com>
>All FYI,
>Title, "Beyond Franklin's Kite"
>applicability: cloud lightning offers insight to TC discharges.
>Triggered discharge lightning article Photonics Spectra Nov99 Pg100
>includes photo of 160' high laboratory showing finite element type top
>(smooth disk's seem favored to be favored element)
>explains hypothesis /  theory of trigger mechanism
>photo of laser induced discharge where discharge follows
>beam for only ~20% length thereafter the typical wandering path.
>Goal is to protect power lines and other critical structures from lightning
>strike damage by
>cloud triggering prior to their reaching critical charge, directing
>discharge path safely.
>I've considered building an electrically Triggered RQ style gap,
>i.e. use large # gaps with an external trigger for control.
>(rather than self trigger via #gaps/spacing)
>perhaps HV point probes at the gaps or
>a series high current pulse xfmr (EEG) as some laser flash tubes use.
>A laser beam is a little exotic but interesting.
>(also don't have the long gap distance problem to overcome,
>but is applicable to top terminal discharge path influence,
> anyone got a powerful laser handy ? and how powerful is enough ?)
>Regards, Dale
Maybe you don't need a laser. I read that N.Tesla did some
induced discharge experiments (death rays?) with a focused
beam arc lamp. The beam was unfiltered, and thus
rich in ion producing ultraviolet light. May not really be
necessary to sustain the beam. I would think an arc light
pulse (xenon?) from a high power capacitor bank focused with a
parabolic reflector could work. Similar triggering is used in
some Marx generators. Sounds like a cheap, easy, and dangerous
area for investigation.

Caps & Gaps to all, JW