Re: Scoping I-V phase shift through L

Hello Terry,

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>Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>
>Hi David,
>	This is actually a bit complex...

Well, complexity IS better than boredom :-)

>	The Tesla coil measurements are done (in my case) with electrically
>isolated fiber-optic current probes.  Thus they can be used at the top
>terminal where the voltage are like 500000 volts.  The scope is
>electrically isolated by 30 feet of glass fiber so the scope is very safe.
>Two probes are used, one at the base of the secondary and on between the
>top of the secondary and the toroid.  They are high bandwidth and phase
>correct so measuring current and phase is easy (one you have the probes
>;-).  Details of this are at:

Easy, Right! 

>	However, if you want to see current and phase of a typical line powered AC

That is exactly what I am interested in. I have yet to kill a scope, but I
never use the neutral wire as a ground either, common earth ground seems to
work fine with un isolated utility power. I can measure the voltage and
wave form on the primary side of a inductor (transformer or current
limiting inductor) and I can measure the voltage wave form on the secondary
side (other side in the case of a series inductor), and that shows me the
phase shift of the voltage, but how do "see" the difference in phase of the
voltage AND current?


David Trimmell