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> Sounds interesting, I have 4 mots too. I'd be interested to know how you 
> joined them together. I am limiting the power of mine to 1000VA (well 
> roughly), 6000VA sounds a bit too dangerous for me :-). I get a fuzzy noise 
> when the output is open circuit, someone suggested to me that the 
> might be about to breakdown. How do yours sound. I haven't used mine with a 
> coil properly yet.

I grounded the cores of the two inboard MOT's, then connected the
cores of the two outboard MOT's to the output leads of the inboard
ones.  So the cores of the outboard ones were hot at 2000V above
ground.  Then the two output HV leads of the outboard MOT's were
connected to the TC.  During TC operation I saw some corona
sparkling between the windings and cores (MOT insulation is very
poor).  I have no idea how long the system would have lasted, but
it worked.  I dismantled it after awhile...it was just a test.  The fuzzy
sound is probably corona between the HV winding and the core, mine
sounded fuzzy too.

John Freau