Re: NST vs. MOT ???

    I suggest looking in the archives about MOT's (there is a keyword search
        The gist of most past posts is this:  Mot supplies are only generally
feasible in the back to back configuration, as series configurations tend to
saturate the higher voltage stages.  If you insulate the whole works in oil you
could potentially fetch 8kv with a second stage, but this is about the max.
Given the difficulties it is far cheaper to buy a pig and arc-welder limiter
(especially at some of the prices that have recently been offered.)  In some
cases the limiter may cost you more than the pig, though it is possible to
your own with proper consideration for wire diameter, inductance and saturation
effects which you may or may not be aware of.  The advice is the same:  search
the archives.  Often they will answer all of the simple questions.  The
rest you
post.  Usually someone will be glad to answer, especially if the question has
never been posed.