MMCs, LTR coils, 45kv diodes and MOSFET flyback drivers

Hello Everyone

	I have been thinking of constructing my first MMC recentlly.  This MMC
would be 20kv at 33nf, using a single string of 10 2kv 330nf metallized
polyproplyene caps. The power supply is two parallel 7.5kv 30ma NSTs. 
WinTesla says that my resonant cap match is 21.2 nf.  How will the LTR
cap affect streamers compared to a resonant cap?

	I have found more interesting items in the Mouser catalog.  They sell
19.8kv, 22kv and 45kv diodes.  These are standard NTE replacement
semiconductors.  NTE # 504, 505 and 513.  I do not know current ratings
although I doubt they are very high.  Since it is NTE it should be no
trouble to get the data sheet.  They also have NTE 522, 529, 531 and 538
which are listed as Hi voltage multipliers.  They give no other specs. 
Does anybody know something about these?

	The IRF 640 18amp 200v MOSFET is only $1.41 in MOUSER.  Would two in
parallel be good for high power flyback driving?  The MOSFET will be
driven by a multivibrator with PWM, so I have to wind one winding on the
flyback.  Does anybody recommend a specific amount of turns?  I was
thinking of doing 8-10.  Is the number of turns on the winding something
I should spend time tinkering with?  


P.S.  If anybody cares, the caps are $2.75 in All Electronic's catalog
which can be ordered on the 'phone at (800)826-5432.
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