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> Hello Coilers:
> What is the typical secondary current I can expect to get from a
> microwave oven transformer?  Can the current draw given on the
> oven's label be used to calculate a rough estimate of the current
> available from the secondary?  Would two identical transformers
> with properly phased, paralleled primaries, and secondaries in
> series with the center tap grounded, work for a low power T.C.?
 73, Weazle,  >>


Yes, that will work.  I once tried 4 MOT's in series, this drew 6000 VA
and gave 63" sparks.  The two "outboard" MOT's were "floating"
electrically at 2000V.  When I added some external inductive ballasting 
to the input, the VA draw was reduced to 4000 VA, and the spark length 
remained the same.  The tank capacitance was about .072uF or so.
I used a rotary gap running at about 550 bps.

John Freau