Re: Scoping I-V phase shift through L

I use a dual-trace TEK to measure phase difference by setting the reference 
and unknown
sigs to equal X-Y size with equal displacement above and below the x-axis. I 
think the trick
is to get the reference signal to simultaneously cross a X-Y point on the 
reticle to form the origin of the graph. You have to adjust the HORIZ SWEEP / 
VARIABLE so that one cycle,
360 degrees, occupies an integer number of divisions. In udder words, say 8 
div x 45 degrees / division = 360 degrees. So at the X-axis crossover you 
simply have to count the
divisions between the two signals to determine the phase angle. Remember that 
the number of divisions x the degrees per division, ie., SWEEP RATE will 
equal the phase angle. I Think.

 I usta do this with a single-trace scope (EICO 460) and an electronic 
switch. That would be analogous to a CHOP mode.

As I reread my explanation, I hope someone else can use a lot fewer words to 
explain all that and demonstrate how
brevity can show greater wit. ASCII sucks badly as a teaching tool. If you 
have access to
a FAX, I will gladly send you a simple diagram to replace the above blizzard.

Happy day,
Ralph Zekelman