Re: variac size and flashover

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: pmathus-at-learningco-dot-com
>      2 questions for the gurus:
>      1)  How big a variac do i need? 5 amps?  15 amps? I'm going to be
>      running a 12kv 60ma NST.
>      2) What's the recommended distance between the first turn of the
>      primary and the secondary to prevent flashover?  I was thinking 2",
>      (for a 6" secondary) but now i'm wondering if that's too much. . .
>      thanks,
>      paul mathus

if you can do it  get the biggest variac possible   you will be happier
when you finally decide that the present coil you are/will be doing isnt
big enuf

2" is a bit on the wide side  id go for 1.5 or 1.25   no less than 1"

Scot D