Hi All,
	This is mainly aimed at UK /European coilers. As some of you know I am
building a rotary gap for my 2kw coil. I went to the machine shop today and
got some prices. If I go for a 9" disk with eight electrodes using a
similar design to Richies gap I was quoted the following prices. One disk
drilled with 8 equally spaced 8MM clearance holes on a 7" pitched circle
diameter with a 30 mm hole in the centre with a hub to fit on the
"standard" B&Q 370 watt bench grinder the prices are as follows One off 70
quid 2 off 120 quid 3 0ff 165 quid any more 47 quid each if all done at the
same time. He says most of the cost is the setting up and once set up it is
easy to do 3 or 4.  You still have to make the electrode holders, but I
might be able to do that on a friends modelmakers lathe. The 3.2 mm
zirconated elctrodes are 4 quid each and you can get 3 35mm electrodes out
of each one.The cost of the material is 16.40 UKP per disk. Might be able
to get that down if I order more. This is for the "KITE" brand tufnol 10 mm
thick. Is anyone interested in coming in on this deal. Of course the design
is flexible if anyone has a better design we can work something out.Let me
know off list.

bob golding