RE: secondary winding

What is the availability of your girlfriend ?
Another easy to coil winding method:
Use the hand crank scissors winder seen at swapmeets / wire shops to spool
off wire purchases.

Simply expand the hand crank scissors, secure w/nut, and force inside one
end of PVC.

I usually just clamp its base in a bench vise (or a wood base can be
Even though support is only from one side, I had no trouble winding a 10" x
45" secondary.
My 6.25"x24" 24 awg Sec's took about 1 hour winding time (no help/GF) (add
.5hr w/rest stops)

Scissors flex from ~4" ID up to about 12" (there are different size scissors

Regards, Dale
Redondo Beach, Calif  (sunny & warm in winter, hardly ever rains)

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Hello all,

I am currently working on winding a 6"x30" secondary.  Much of this I'm
sure is old news but one part I don't think I've ever seen mentioned on
this list.  I'm winding on 6" PVC sewer pipe.  I simply got two
appropriate end caps, got some 3/8" threaded metal rod, drilled 3/8"
holes in each end cap, put the rod through and set the whole thing in a
makeshift wooden stand.  I used a casement window handle, which fits
nicely on the 3/8" rod.  

Here's the new idea: I got a 3" c-clamp and stuck one of those cork
thingies you put on heavy objects to prevent them from scratching wood
on each face of the clamp.

  I tightened it down on the wire and had my    girlfriend   crank.  

The clamp makes a very nice little handle and I
adjusted the tightness of the clamp (and thus the tension on the wire)
on the fly.  It was quite easy to get the clamp set tight enough that it
produced sufficient tensino to wind but not enough to damage the wire or
make it excessively hard for her to crank.  The cork keeps the
insulation on the wire from getting stripped off.  I tried the velvety
kind too but they didn't work so well.  The clamp sure beats bare hands
or fumbling gloved hands.