440VAC 20Amp 3P Line Filters

Hi All,

	I just don't seem to be able to walk around anymore without someone trying
to give me obsolete line filters ;-)

Filter Concepts
440 VAC (or course, they can be used at 120 and 240 too)
Three phase
20 Amp per phase
Ten terminals (five per side)
	phases one, two, and three


Brand new in original carton

These are nice in that the terminals are real nice screw lugs.  They would
be good for a neon or two, or perhaps a potential transformer system.  They
are a nice 5 x 4 x 4 inch box.  No "welding cables" like the 80 amps had
;-)  Same old story, they didn't quite fit right...

Seven dollars each should cover a box, shipping, etc.
One per customer.
First come - first serve.

Write me at "terrellf-at-uswest-dot-net" to reserve yours and get my address to
send the check to.

BTW - You may notice in the background of filly2 that nice practically new
(it is a little dusty) 3 phase ganged 25 amp/phase 240VAC motorized control
variac stack.  They were throwing four of those (12 variacs in all!) away
too! =:-O  After throwing my body on them and "tossing" a "fool" aside
trying to get them too, I just hauled all four stacks into my basement!
After my muscles heal, my vertebra fuse back together, and I get new rear
shocks on the car, I will have to think hard about how I will use them ;-)
Sorry, NOT for sale, but I do get something besides filters now and then!
I have been keeping an eye out for breakers and contactors too.  However,
the contactors have all been fried and I don't trust less than "new in the
box" circuit breakers.  Apparently, we are pretty good at getting those to

Mostly working on video tape(s), boxing filters, and fascinating work
matching the output impedance of a coil to streamer impedance for maximum
power transfer.  Hopefully I will be able to get a wall plug to streamer
efficiency of 40% soon (the spark gap eats the rest)...  More to come on
all that.  I need to study streamer impedance more to confirm the 220K +
5pF load and understand it better.  This work will hopefully explain why
some coils are better than others at creating long streamers when all else
is equal.  A new fiber probe transmitter is being made that can easily be
placed on ANY coil to measure the steamer currents with a scope.  According
to computer models, this is an EXTREMELY important area to study...  Stay