Ballasting radar transformer

Hi All,
	Yet another question. Funny how organizing a teslathon generates lots of
questions. I found an arc welder at the breakers yard today. It is a bit
battered but looks complete, I need to repair the mechanism that moves the
shunts in and out but should be able to get them working. It is a SIP 140
amp 3.2kW according to the plate. I want to use this to ballast my radar
transformer. I am concerned about trying this transformer out on my 4" coil
after seeing what it is capable of on Mike and Brians coil. I am not too
sure about how much capacitance I should use. I have 23.5 nF in mmc's plus
another 20 nF from two "fair radio" caps.Should I use all of my available
caps and start with 1 or 2 gaps on my static spark gap? I am wondering
whether I should add some resistance in series with the welder. My biggest
concern is tripping the breaker.and kickback into the mains. I haven't got
any filtering that will take the current of the radar transformer,at the
moment.also I am near the limit of the garage and only have 4 feet
clearance at most.

bob golding