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John, I was specifically interested in the power limits, if any.  More to
the point, is it in violation if the interference doesn't go outside your
property?  Don't most bands have limitations on power?  Like those little FM
transmitter kits at radio shack that are legal because they don't have
enough power to transmit outside  a 200' radius or whatever.....

So do you think they'd get upset if I set up a huge coil right outside their
local branch? ;P


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> > I have seen a couple references to FCC violations in this thread.  Can
> > anyone cite the actual FCC rule(s) or regulation(s) that coiling
> > violates?  I imagine it has something to do with unlicensed
> > transmission, but I would like to know the specifics.
> Oh, they could throw the whole book at you if they wanted to.  The
> Tesla coil is the veritable bull in the RF china shop.  Spark
> transmitters (what TCs really are) are banned by name.  Then there's
> unlicensed emissions, unauthorized emissions on bands authorized for
> specific services, interference with emergency, aviation and other
> public services, and exposure of the public to excess RF fields,
> just to name a few.  Then there's the Part 15 stuff about unlicensed
> transmitters not interfering with other devices (not just
> communications devices.)   This is an agency you don't want to
> attract the attention of with your TC.
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