Re: Cap. questions, Wintesla, PFC

HI Neal,

> Original Poster: NDWhitaker-at-worldnet.att-dot-net 
> I am collecting the equipment for my first coil.  I am going to use a
> 9kV/30mA NST for starters.  Under the "Trans/Cap Match" tab in
> Wintesla my Cap match is 8.8 pF which makes sense.

Should be 8.8nF??

  My first question
> is when I go to the "Primary Coil" tab the required C is different (4
> pF) (Pri info ID 5.5,WD 1/4", Space 1/4", Total turns 10.6) Do I want
> to adjust the coil parameters to bring this "C" into line with the one
> listed under "Trans/Cap" or is this the value I should use, or does
> this mean something total different that I am overlooking.  Second
> question Wintesla starts out with a Power Factor Correction Rating of 
> 75%. Should this value be left at 75% or would it be better to run it
> up to 100%. Should I even worry about the PFC.  If it should be left
> at 75% is that because of the phasing of the voltage/amperage.

I'd include PFC every time after trying it.  The variac no longer 
grunts and hums  and the mains supply on hand can handle a power 
draw up to its rating with ease.