Re: Believe it or not!

Hello All,

This subject of the possibility of Tesla Coils being banned or regulated
has certainly peeked the interest of many on this list. I do not think we
are in any danger of the "jack booted" government "thugs" beating down our
doors for operating a Tesla coil. They are already "illegal" to operate
outside of a Faraday cage, but outside of neighbors complaining and calling
the local boys in blue, I do not think Tesla coilers have a great fear of
being singled out. Just use common sense. One of my other hobbies is
Pyrotechnics, now with the latest terrorist bombings, and school
shootings/bombings, that has become a very hazardous hobbie, and not from
the energetic chemicals, but from over zealous officials thinking you are a
"mad bomber". I own a .50 caliber Black powder Pistol mainly so I can
posses up to 50 LBS of black powder  (normally don't keep more than ~5lbs
around ;-)) without a ATF licence and a low explosives magazine. The laws
are funny here.

I think a government of the people by the people is a great thing, perhaps
people should take it back from the multinational/national corporations and
the other "big" money lobbyists. Don't whine if you are not trying to put
the representation back into our (US) Representative Democracy. Democracy
is a lot of work, and when a people get complacent (read: lazy), then
freedom(s) start to disappear fast. Just my opinion...


David Trimmell

At 07:15 AM 11/5/99 , you wrote:


>I posted on this subject back when the child became entangled in the coil
>wiring. As a certifiable gun nut I have picked up on the notion that a strong 
>spirit of libertarianism (that's a small L) must also run with those of us 
>who like to play with HV electricity, utility pole transformers and 
>high-energy capacitors. 
>I have been active in the Second Amendment fight against the Safety Nazi's 
>and the
>forces of the nanny state for over twenty years. From a few of the postings 
>on this subject, I get the feeling that too many coilers do not realize the 
>danger we are in.
>And the danger need not lie in our own doings. The holy moley throwing 
>ligtning bolts to his god could be shutdown with one "expose" on 20/20. The 
>spill-over could
>easily take our toys away.Snake worshipers are now regularly shutdown by the 
>state police. The survivors of an accident victim can very well bring suit 
>against the person who sold "the lethal equipment" to the "innocent and 
>unsuspecting victim" who is now very dead. Arguments about freedom of choice, 
>responsibility, statistical safety records, and efforts towards reasonable 
>compromise are worthless against these people. They have their own agenda. 
>Laws can be passed banning the transfer of such products as NST's, OBITS and 
>even magnet wire in quantities large enuff for coil winding. The Tesla hobby 
>is gone if city or county law requires that all electrical equipment more 
>dangerous than vinyl tape be sold only to licensed electricians producing a 
>county or city-issued building or repair permit. Has anyone tried lately to 
>buy supplies for their home chemistry lab?
>The point about copy-cat kids trying to duplicate Tesla experiments is very 
>made. Experienced coilers should be very firm and directly responsive to all 
>postings by obviously unsophisticated teenagers and even older newbies who 
>seem headed for trouble.
>Without a Tesla Coil Amendment and a National Tesla Association, one stupid
>accident is all it would take. In this climate of nanny state empire building 
>and the safety gestapo, self-policing may be our only recourse; paranoia is 
>not all that bad.
>Cheers regardless,
>Ralph Zekelman