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On Thu, 04 Nov 1999 12:14:46 -0700, Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Kent & Kim Schaffer" <santoken-at-bright-dot-net> 
> Hello Everyone!
> Well, after recouperating over a long weekend, I thought I'd pass along
> developments of the MidOhio TeslaFest.
> First off, if anyone walked away hungry...it's your own fault :)
> We had several participants for the 'Fest;
> Cliff Fahrer
> Jason & Christy Wallace
> Mark & Dave Rzeszotarski
> Harvey Norris
> Jordan Koppleberger
> Grayson Dietrich
> Steve Kufchak
> Mark brought along a WHOLE VAN FULL of goodies that provided a great
> Along with his son, Dave, who provided the attempted after dark laser
> show, unfortunatly the weather I ordered was so good, there was no cloud
> cover for the laser show.
> After Marks demonstration, Harvey Norris presented us with his Resonant
> Binary System, proved quite interesting.  Unfortunatly, Harvey was
> continually triping my GFI breaker.  As I recall, this was the only
> all night to trip the breaker, sorry Harvey.
Mark definitely is an emminent theorist and also spoke of contradictions he
sees in standard texts on tc buiders such as J Coutre. Its great to have a
person of his calibre and credentials in the Cleveland Ohio area. I think he
mentioned he is doing one of the (FAQ) sections. He sure put on a good show
with his solid state coil lighting different types of bulbs, also the
magnificent arcs he made with a toroidal topload on a conventional tesla
coil design. Im sorry I had to leave early and miss the rest of the event,
including Graysons coil.

 I wasnt aware of the function of the gfi, and how it works, but what I was
trying to do in my demo was to simultaneously light two 28 inch neons
between a ground connection and two 180 phased series resonant circuits at
each circuits midpoints. I was very surprised that very fine tuning may be
necessary to show this as I found out on experiments later at home. One
should bear in mind that balance problems with 180 phased systems have been
brought up on the list before, and Bill Wysocks 180 phased tesla coil model
12 demonstration showed that a small imbalance can result in quite a large
dimunition of effects on one side. 

So in conclusion this gfi must by an extremely sensitive device since my
maximum power draw was only 22 watts in the best resonant conditions at 120
volts. On the other hand perhaps this small power draw device can actually
influence or even make ground currents.  What seems more likely is that I
was making the breaker trip by trying to ground the circuit simultaneously
by two 180 phased systems each connecting to ground via neon bulbs between
those connections. Can anyone say enough about these gfi devices to explain
how such a small wattage device appears to indicate a ground fault? The use
of these separated grounds should be more efficient the wider the separation
since when one system borrows electrons from the ground the other is
returning them according to 180 phasing. 

One of the observations made about putting a load between the midpoints of
180 phased midpoints is that it seems to work more as a voltage rise device
when that load seems to have a high relative resistance to that of the
internal resistance of the coils, thus widely separated grounds are
postulated as a method of using the resistance of the earth to achieve this
same purpose. In connection with the fact that neons often seem to blink in
their connections to ground, and give different results at different times
of day, night and weather conditions may be an indicator of something that
is not fully yet understood. HDN

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