Re: Voltage reversal

At 12:12  04/11/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>Original Poster: "Herwig Roscher" <herwig.roscher-at-gmx.de>
>Hello coilers!
>Prior to designing my own polycap, I wanted to buy one and sent the spec to
>some companies. The main problem - besides the price of course - was the
>100% voltage reversal, that shortens the expected life drastically.
>I wonder, whether the use of a HV bridge rectifier between xformer and main
>gap would help, to keep the cap alive a little bit longer.


This is an error of thought which I had for some time.  The voltage 
reversal persists even for a DC supplied coil as the tank "rings" after the 
bang .......

Alas, you still need a high rep rate pulse cap :-(