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Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "Chris Boden" <teslacoil39-at-hotmail-dot-com>
> >Public accidents will kill your hobby and my profession.
> >This type of public irresponsibility will subject Tesla coils
> >to negative Federal and State scrutiny. I know this. Trust
> >me. I will be revisiting this subject soon. Stay tuned.
> >
> >Jeff W. Parisse
> >Director, kVA Effects
> >www.teslacoil-dot-com
>         Well according to that statement, guns should be banned,
> cars should be, wait EVERYTHING should be as long as someone has
> been injured by one.
>         But for most of us, we'd live if Tesla coiling was banned since
its only
> a hobby and we dont' rely on it to make money :)
> -Chris Boden
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Terry, I know this is off topic, but it needs to be addressed. I'll keep
it short.

<<<< Govenment regulations, as they apply to Tesla Coils, are perfectly
on-topic.  However, posts on government regulation otherwise are not.  In
this case, you simply use the others to make your point. - Terry >>>>


The gun control people are already trying to ban all types of firearms!
Smokers (I don't smoke) in at least one state that I know of can't even
legally smoke in THEIR OWN HOMES if they have people working for them in
the home who don't smoke! The anti smoking crowd is now mounting a world
wide assault on smoking! There is a government push on to
regulate/heavily tax/design down Sport Utility Vehicles because they
have an "unfair advantage" over smaller compact cars in a collision, and
the list goes on! If you think that government regulation of Tesla coils
isn't a very real possibility, think again. If we don't pay close
attention to the possible gradual loss of our freedoms through
government control, one day we could wake up to find out that they are
gone!! Think about it!

Safe and unregulated coiling to all,

Ed Wingate RATCB