Re: Malcolm Watts' comments on my t.c. comments

At 08:09 05/11/99 -0700, you wrote:

>I remember Richard Hull describing this sort of phenomenon with 
>respect to one of his coils. He more-or-less said that up to 7kW, the 
>coil in question produced a few purple streamers of several feet or 
>so but on adding one more kW, "suddenly the 8-footers were there". 
>Anybody else have a comment on this?

Hi Malcolm All,
	Yes definitely. before I killed one of my transformers Ha! I noticed that
the difference between 450 watts and 900 watts was a lot greater than one
would have thought. With 450 watts I was getting 30" wispy purple streamers
with the occasional white streamer. when I added the second transformer the
spark length went up to 36" but with really bright white streamers all the
time. i should add that the cap value was the same with both setups. 23.5
nF so this might have a bearing on this. resonant charging? 

bob golding