Re: MidOhio TeslaFest

Hello Yourself, Kent.

On Thu, 04 Nov 1999 12:14:46 -0700 Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> writes:
> Original Poster: "Kent & Kim Schaffer" <santoken-at-bright-dot-net> 
> Hello Everyone!
> Well, after recouperating over a long weekend, I thought I'd pass 
> along the
> developments of the MidOhio TeslaFest.


 and I think we picked 
> up TWO
> new coilers.  One was a spectator from here in Loudonville and the 
> other
> was, Steve, the person providing transportation for Grayson.

Yes, Steve is most definately interested in coiling now, and, he may be
set up fine style, commercial caps and a computer-wound coil,
Possibilities courtesy of just wherever it is that his father works.
Anybody know of and advantages to non-linearly wound coils? I think
someone wants to give him a few really big mica transmitting caps there,
too...  :)!

> Then, Grayson "unprepared" Dietrich began his magic show, with the 
> can
> crinkling and wire exploding. 

I have a few more, and much more professional, ideas in this area that
I've already begun to implement. Those caps (500uF 2kV each) should be
capable of doing a lot more than just crinkling a can...

 He tried to get his coil going but 
> his rsg
> somehow worked loose in its structure.

The setscrews attaching the rotor to the motor shaft had come loose, and
I was at a loss for a 1/8" allen wrench. I also was using the motor on a
variac for the first time, and the buzzing caused by the centrifugal
switch as I ran up the voltage REALLY disturbed me until i figured out
what is was. ;o!

  As one of the local 
> spectators
> assisted Grayson, Dave and I attempted to fire our coils...lost 
> effort, back
> to Grayson.

What was wrong with your coil? You were getting 18" streamers just a day
or two before hand, weren't you?

> Finally, after some duct tape, vise grips and a couple of coat 
> hangers (just
> kidding) 

Actually, vice grips would have been handy, and, I -did- use some amount
of duct tape ;)

Grayson was able to fire his coil...AND BOY DID IT RIP

...yeah, it -did- rip, allover the secondary windings, accross the
primary, below the primary, everywhere but off the toroids. !!  I think I
finally reached the limit of that secondary, as it is only 4.5"X16" long.
That was the first time I ever used that particular configuration of the
coil, and it was only the second run of my negatively unique MMC. I think
I may be the only person to be "successfully" using polyester, POLARIZED
caps in only three strings.!!  It stayed rock-cold at the 'Fest, banging
away at the system.

! I 
> think
> better that he expected.
> All in all, I think it was a great 'Fest.  Do you know how many 
> people have
> stopped in this week to ask me what the heck was all that lightening 
> in the
> front of my house Saturday night?  

Yes!! Publicity! 

Well, we made it though the night 
> with no
> direct hits to flesh,

Mark took a few "Ouches" through a small flourescent tube, though ;)

 no car accidents in front of my house, and a 
> full
> belly.  I think it was alright.
> Kent

Definately. I already look forward to what may happen next year...

Grayson Dietrich

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