Re: Cap. questions, Wintesla, PFC

On Thu, 04 Nov 1999 12:17:39 -0700 Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> writes:
> Original Poster: NDWhitaker-at-worldnet.att-dot-net 
> I am collecting the equipment for my first coil.  I am going to use 
> a
> 9kV/30mA NST for starters.  Under the "Trans/Cap Match" tab in 
> Wintesla
> my Cap match is 8.8 pF which makes sense.  

Sorry, I'm not at all familiar with WinTesla, but a resonant match for a
9/30 NST is 8.8nF, not pF. That would be 8800pF.


Grayson Dietrich

> Thanks guys.
> Neal

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