I might suggest that you hook up with your local Cable TV public access
group.  Here, you get FREE loans of pro video gear (typically 3/4" stuff,
although some Hi8 is also available), as well as an edit bay, titler, etc.,
and in some cases, a production crew and studio, as well as people to help
you use the gear. Sure, you'll have to put your video on public access tv,
but it costs nothing, and it's interesting as well.  What's available, and
to who, depends on your local cable company, and what sort of deal the
local city was able to negotiate with them in exchange for the franchise
and access to city facilities (streets, poles, etc.)

Highly recommended, if only for the pro edit bay.

> From: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
> To: tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
> Subject: It’s Showtime!?
> Date: Wednesday, November 03, 1999 8:46 PM
> Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>
> Hi All,
> 	I am thinking of joining Richard Hull, John Freau, and others in making
> video. It just looks too darn fun not to try.  I have never done anything
> like this before so I have no idea how it will turn out ;-) Below is a
> I have of things I would “like” to cover:
> Safety
> Overall Coil Operation
> Fiber Optic probe
> 	Construction, Use, Demonstration
> Plane Wave Antenna
> 	Construction, Use, Demonstration
> Variac Controller
> 	Construction, Operation
> Line Filters and EMI Control
> Neon Transformer
> 	Safety Gap, Power Factor Correction, Filter
> Sync Gap
> 	Construction, Operation, Adjustment
> Primary Coils
> 	Design, Construction
> Secondary Coils
> 	Design, Construction
> Top Terminals
> 	Design, Construction
> Shop
> 	Tools and a look around
> Varaics
> 	Some thoughts
> 	Design, Construction, tips, Caps
> Test Equipment, Use, Tests
> 	Scope
> 	Frequency Counter
> 	Multimeter
> 	Signal Generator
> 	Current Meter
> 	Strobe
> 	HV probes
> 	LCR Meter
> Tesla List
> 	Thoughts on Moderation
> Coil Winder
> 	Design, Construction, Use
> 	Magnet Wire
> Electrical Tests
> 	Coupling
> 	Primary Fo
> 	Secondary Fo
> 	Q
> 	AC Resistance
> Spark Gaps
> 	Types and use
> 	Setting main gap width
> 	Setting safety gap width 
> 	Quenching
> Computer Programs
> 	MicroSim
> 	E-Tesla5
> 	Electrostatic field plotting
> 	Others
> Math Stuff
> 	Inductance Calculation
> 	Capacitance Calculation
> 	Fo Calculation
> Secondary Theory (Terry’s version ;-))
> 	Phase shift (or lack of) demonstration
> Terry sitting on top of coil, reading the Bible, with 12 foot streamers
> shooting from his tongue.  OOPS!  Sorry Jeff!  Just kidding ;-))
> That is the list of things I have so far.  I have no idea if I can get it
> all onto tape (6 hours) or how long it will take.  It will be an
> production but that will make it easier ;-))
> If anyone has any special requests or anything particular you want to
> have me go, or talk about let me know.  It will not be just for
> experts or anything like that, so everything goes.  The cost will just
> cover duplication and shipping to keep my Tesla coiling budget firmly in
> the red ;-)
> Cheers,
> 	Terry
> 	terrellf-at-uswest-dot-net