Re: using XC to cancel XL

On Wed, 03 Nov 1999 11:51:10 -0700 Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> writes:
> Original Poster: "The Flavored Coffee Guy" <elgersmad-at-msn-dot-com> 
>     Here's how to avoid that problem in a small discription,  use a 
> rated
> spark gap, or a spark plug that you can gap yourself, a diode, and a 
> larger
> cap.  In the circuit arrangement the order of parts would be as 
> follows: 120
> AC, Diode, or bridge rectifier, Filter capacitor, Spark gap, NST.  
> You can
> even the control the frequency that the gap fires.  Filter 
> capacitor,
> Inductive choke, tuning capacitor, spark gap, NST.  Which would be a 
> pi
> filter, charging a small cap before the spark gap, feeding the NST 
> the same
> way you would feed the primary of the tesla coil.  There are spark 
> gaps, and
> gaps small enough for 120 volts to jump.  It might take 15, er 20
> non-resistor type plugs to do it but, they will work, if you know 
> how to
> adjust the gap of a sparkplug.
> James.

Is the idea of this to increase NST input voltage if you use greater than
120v spark gaps(like 160)?  Could I use DIACS or trigger diodes(a few in
series) for this as a aproximation of a spark gap?  What will the end
result of this be in increase of how many %of voltage and VA,
approximately? Nice idea, sort of like a resonant transformer.  Will
electrolytic caps be useable for this, and should the value of the cap be
as large as possible, or what wintesla says is good for PFC?

Nick, if you are still on the list, maybe you want to put something like
this in the FAQ, for squeezing every little bit out of your NST/OBIT/MOT.
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