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Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: "Mad Mike" <mglass-at-netusa1-dot-net>
> All
> Someone please educate me. How would someone getting killed demonstrating a
> Tesla coil in public for whatever purpose (as tragic as it would be) kill
> the hobby? Some new law perhaps? 


I was involved with the hobby of High Powered Rocketry up untill a few
years ago...
( you may know of it  remember the Estes D motor well these are motors
going up to M+ size )
in the beginning there were no or little restrictive enforcements upon
the hobby. The only restrictions were placed by the use of common sense
and a few "laws" imparted by the "members " of the hobby. The purchasing
of fuse material and motors for the hobby was very easy to do.
Eventually more of the public became aware of the hobby and began to
enjoy the hobby. AND then .....  big brother became interested in our
doings...  and then came the ATF and the NAFA and the FBI and
etc......    now to enjoy the hobby you need a license ( from the ATF)
to purchase items related to the hobby you need a license to transport
such material across state lines , you need a license to store such
material at your home in a special bunker device, you need to take tests
to validify your competance at handling the materials. 

As to date no one has died from this hobby of Hi powered rocketry... 
altho it does have its potential to be dangerous if handled in an unwise
manner...  all it takes is one person with little or no idea of what
they are doing and WALA instant reaction from our wonderful government
and then .....   hide your coils buy a generator cuz even your neighbors
will be watching ;) 

my 2.00$ worth 

Scot D