Re: Streamer growth and filming it all

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> d.) What is it with the Banjo effect? Is it really just a matter of
>      the surrounding, heated air, which drives the sparks into
>      this form. If so, why do they go up and down (i.e. the banjo
>      form). I would expect, sooner or later the air is hot enough
>      to just move the streamers upward, similar to a Jacobīs
>      Ladder, until the rip off.


I think air currents in the room can blow the streamer paths between
bangs also.  sometimes they "banjo" sideways.
> f. ) Following d & e: I would think the banjo effect would be more
 >     pronounced once an arc forms (more current=> higher flame
>      temperature), yet my coil seems to form more "banjos" when
>      it is simply "streaming" into thin air.

I see plenty of banjos when the arc strikes a ground.  If it's air currents
blowing the streamer paths, then heat won't matter too much perhaps.
> g.) Why and how do streamers branch out. Is it really the same
>     streamer or is it just an optical illusion, (i.e. not really the
>     same streamer), because our eyes arenīt fast enough to
 >     detect this.

I think it's the same streamer path that goes dark between bangs,
but re-ignites during each bang.  The path moves due to heat or air
currents when it's dark, so the camera shows separate banjo bands.

It would be nice to see all these details using high speed photography
......I agree.  

John Freau