MidOhio TeslaFest

Hello Everyone!

Well, after recouperating over a long weekend, I thought I'd pass along the
developments of the MidOhio TeslaFest.

First off, if anyone walked away hungry...it's your own fault :)

We had several participants for the 'Fest;

Cliff Fahrer
Jason & Christy Wallace
Mark & Dave Rzeszotarski
Harvey Norris
Jordan Koppleberger
Grayson Dietrich
Steve Kufchak
Dave Bitner
and myself.

The event started out with Cliff arriving at my place of work around 2pm.
Cliff, it was great that Dave and I could sit and talk with you one on one.
And, boy, that's a helluva RSG your building.

As I mentioned to everyone at the fest, I hosted the event for selfish
reasons, to talk with other coilers to be able to advance my coiling.  But I
also hosted the event in hopes of creating awareness in this hobby that we
all love, yet others call MAD SCIENCE.  Both purposes were fulfilled, I
learned more about the general circuit design, and I think we picked up TWO
new coilers.  One was a spectator from here in Loudonville and the other
was, Steve, the person providing transportation for Grayson.

Mark brought along a WHOLE VAN FULL of goodies that provided a great show.
Along with his son, Dave, who provided the attempted after dark laser light
show, unfortunatly the weather I ordered was so good, there was no cloud
cover for the laser show.

After Marks demonstration, Harvey Norris presented us with his Resonsant
Binary System, proved quite interesting.  Unfortunatly, Harvey was
continually triping my GFI breaker.  As I recall, this was the only system
all night to trip the breaker, sorry Harvey.

Then, Grayson "unprepared" Dietrich began his magic show, with the can
crinkling and wire exploding.  He tried to get his coil going but his rsg
somehow worked loose in its structure.  As one of the local spectators
assisted Grayson, Dave and I attempted to fire our coils...lost effort, back
to Grayson.

Finally, after some duct tape, vise grips and a couple of coat hangers (just
kidding) Grayson was able to fire his coil...AND BOY DID IT RIP! I think
better that he expected.

All in all, I think it was a great 'Fest.  Do you know how many people have
stopped in this week to ask me what the heck was all that lightening in the
front of my house Saturday night?  Well, we made it though the night with no
direct hits to flesh, no car accidents in front of my house, and a full
belly.  I think it was alright.