Re: Streamer growth and filming it all

>>but I wonder if they would differ much from a regular
>>video camera or simply obscure much of the neat stuff?

Interesting topic, just this past weekend at the MidOhio TeslaFest, my
stepson filmed Mark Rzeszotarski's 4" coil with a standard run of the mill
vidio cam.  I don't know, 32 frames per sec?  Anyway, what's cool is that on
our vcr is a feature for single frame advance.

Granted, we all have a very good idea what's going on on top of these
things, but it's just so cool to watch.  At several frames, there is
actually no discharge at all.  Looked really cool when he zoomed in and
filled the whole frame with big purple and white arcs.  I can only imagine
what it would look like with a faster frame rate.