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Hello, Phill

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> Hi,
>   I'm sorry for questions that are obvious to all others.
>   What does the acronym "pig" mean when referencing power 
> distribution
>        transformers?

Just that- a distribution transformer. It is a shortened form of the
affectionate pet name of "Pole Pig" given them by some folk of the past.

>   What does the acronym "MMC" refer to when discussing capacitive
>        banks?

MMC- "Micro Mini Cap" or "Multi Mini Cap", meaning a large number of
smaller capacitors arranged in a series/parallel config. to achieve the
neccesary voltage/capacitance/current carrying requirements.

> Thank you from a new list member!
> Phill Peterson
> (phillip.peterson-at-west.boeing-dot-com)

No problem!
welcome aboard.

Grayson Dietrich

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