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> A few days I was approached by the Ripley's "Believe
> It
> Or Not" television show to do an on screen interview
> for an upcoming episode on Tesla coils. After
> learning
> the details, however, I declined. Here's why...
> Many of you already know my stance on the "Lightning
> Guy" high voltage stunt that is performed
> professionally
> by kVA Effects member Brent Turner. I feel that this
> is the
> most dangerous high voltage stunt in our industry
> and
> should not be attempted by ANY non-professional
> despite
> electrical engineering experience. Mistakes can be
> fatal
> and the more reasonable among us certainly agree
> that
> mistakes can never be fully factored out of most
> situations.
> We, as experts in high voltage special effects, have
> only
> performed this stunt twice in the last three years
> and always
> with a stunt coordinator, several HV technicians and
> safety
> personnel on hand. We take our work VERY seriously.
> The representative from the "Believe It or Not"
> television
> production informed me that the show's subject is an
> Evangelical "Power" Christian that hooks himself to
> a
> Tesla coil to demonstrate God's power to his
> audience.
> I have no issue with Evangelical Christianity,
> "Power"
> Christianity or any other religious organization's
> efforts
> to entertain their followers or increase their
> numbers
> through recruitment efforts.
> I do take extreme exception to this public display
> and
> am concerned that this person is going to kill
> himself
> in front of an audience (as Henry Transom did).
> Public accidents will kill your hobby and my
> profession.
> This type of public irresponsibility will subject
> Tesla coils
> to negative Federal and State scrutiny. I know this.
> Trust
> me. I will be revisiting this subject soon. Stay
> tuned.
> Jeff W. Parisse
> Director, kVA Effects
> www.teslacoil-dot-com
 Hi Jeff,
 I hope you'll read this.
 I have been waitin for a long time someone to mention

 these Turner's experiments.On his home page picture 


  he emphasizes he doesn't recommand anybody to
conduct the experiment.Now,if we assume that
everything is secured (ie. there's no chance that
spark attaches any part of  primary circuit ,or power
transformer circuit or the outlet 110 V in the
neighbour wall perhaps) what could be dangerous about
such experiment? 
My instant answer is that large isotropic capacity of
his body presents great danger.I'll elaborate
this.Discharge currents directly from his body as
terminal (lasting for microsecond or so) have very
high peaks and DC component which is always cause for
the shock.UMHO situation may be similar to that when
coiler receive horrible shock from ~ 50 pf top
isotropic capacity coil.(Few guys have actually
measured wave forms and happennings during ground
strikes from their systems).Now ,why Brent didn't
receive shock?My  answer is becouse of the SPECIAL
SAFETY HARNESS he wore and only becouse of that.I
suppose it had metalic fibres in it and solid
discharge  currents passed mostly through it instead
through his body (something like Faraday cage
effect).What bothers me is that at 
 I'm not sure if he is wearing that harness (surely
current waveform pased his hand tissue) and left arc
doesn't seem to be of corona kind (tends to attach to
conducting wall).Will you tell us more about settings
on that photo and lightning guy experiments in
Thanks in advance.

 P.S I have emailed Brent few times but haven't
received reply yet      


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