Re: using XC to cancel XL

Hi Byran,

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> Original Poster: Bryan St <warp27-at-juno-dot-com>
> Reinhard
> Recently you stated that using (parallel?)capacitance to your NST's
> primary can "cheat" the magnetic shunts or increase power output.

No. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was talking of resonant
recharging, where the TCīs primary cap is matched (XC) to
the NSTīs secondary (XL). A cap on the primary side of the
NST wonīt do anything to change the behavior of the magnetic
shunts within an NST. My NSTīs are of open frame design and
have a moveable shunt. I can actually use the shunt to tune the
NST to the cap I am using in the TC.

> Please clarify, because with a parallel capacitance that means
>it is simply across mains, meaning that every single other
>transformer or coil on your

Right. A cap on the primary side of the NST only helps correct
the power factor, which might prevent the circuit breaker from

>(in Germany it is about half a town per xformer, right?) will see
> that capacitor.  This will mean that there should be no significant
> benefits, unless I misunderstood you.

Hmm. Not quite that bad ;o) In our "town" (hahaha. Itīs more
like a rural fart) with a population of ~1000-1200 people, we
have three 650kVA 3 phase xformers(21kV->380V), which
supply the residential power. Overhead power lines are getting
rare over here (esp in residential areas).  Pole pigs are almost
non existent. The smallest I have seen (and 3 phase) was
a 50kVA unit. I would make a great coil xformer (and my main
fuse is big enough to power it ;o}), but they are way too heavy
and too big). Also, NSTs (here) are of low voltage flavor ONLY,
due to some stupid VDE/CE law. The maximum voltage above
ground (in a sign circuit) must be less than or equal to 4000V,
which is why I am the "preacher" of low voltage coil design. :ö)

>It will also try to put the mains out of phase, which annoys the
>power company, and will be reactively swishing power back
>and forth through mains, which can amount to losses with large
> caps in any wiring which could make a thermal fuse blow or

I doubt any reasonably sized PFC cap will do to much "damage"
to the power company in terms of annoyance, simply because
they are too far away from the "ground pig" (instead of pole
pig ;o)

Coiler greets from Germany,