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>        hello all,
>                I forgot the original thread ..... but in regards to 
> adhesives for low surface energy materials.. check out
> HTTP://www.nbond-dot-com/faq.html   
> I 'stumbled' across and have not used myself,but it sure looks like the
> cat's meow
Thanx for this good info. I purchased a Seelye Hot Air plastic welder and
have been using it to make boxes out of HDPE for an electrolysisor design.
However my welds leaked at the corners, I think I will try this bonding
agent. I am building my primary holding form from HDPE, it welds quite
easily. Here is some info from the co.

High density polyethylene welds very well and is the most common form. Other
densities include low, medium high and ultra high molecular weight(UHMW) You
can weld a higher density with a lower density rod, but you cannot weld a
higher density with a lower density rod.
Polypropylene rod will easily separate from the substrate in the wetted or
melted state and must be held in place until the clear color on the surface
turns back to its original appearance. The rod will not soften all the way
and will remain stiff, making welding in and out of corners difficult. (I
had this same problem of making a total seal with HDPE) I am quite surprised
this bonding agent between different plastics exists, again thanx for the
info. Harvey D Norris

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