Re: Quick Question

Pig: We use it simply because we think that the transformers look like
the farm animal. ;)

MMC: Multi-Mini-Capacitor. Terry made it up, probably to avoid typing
"capacitive banks" all the time. ;)  It's just a bunch of commerical
caps in series to get the voltage and the strings are placed in parallel
to get the required C. Commerical HV Pulse caps (the ones we need for
coils) are VERY expensive. Most just build thier own. The problem is
they are messy, since they are filled with oil. It's much nicer to buy
lower voltage pulse caps for $1-$2 a peice and put them together to get
what we want. And, most importantly, no oil. ;)


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> Hi,
>   I'm sorry for questions that are obvious to all others.
>   What does the acronym "pig" mean when referencing power distribution
>        transformers?
>   What does the acronym "MMC" refer to when discussing capacitive
>        banks?
> Thank you from a new list member!
> Phill Peterson
> (phillip.peterson-at-west.boeing-dot-com)