Re: Remote Tuned Primary (RTP) ideas...


Kevin Christiansen brings very interesting insight into the dynamic
operation and tuning of  Tesla coils.  His string and pulley arrangement for
altering top capacitance and tuning shows great insight and originality, but
the idea was originally invented by the master himself.

Leland Anderson published in Electric Spacecraft Journal a couple of months
ago an article discussing Nicola Tesla's construction of his great
transmitter at Wardenclyffe.  His article contains copies of drawings and
letters written by Tesla.  In several of his drawings Tesla draws a large
variable capacitor in the upper tower portion of the transmitter.  There are
ropes up to pulleys in the dome which extend down to the upper plate of the
capacitor.  The upper cap plate is attached by a conductor to the large
dome.  This is a very interesting article and I recommend it highly.

Kudos to Terry whose suggestions regarding dynamic testing and operation of
TCs will send our advocation to a new level.