Re: Believe it or not!

Hi Bert,

Ahhh!  With just a clue I found him (or one of them??) on the net.  Dean
Ortner (The Million Volt Man) has been doing it about once a week for 26


Sounds like he knows exactly what he is doing and has been doing it far
longer than any of us...  Sounds like a very interesting fellow!!  I may
have seen him once too many years ago but he was not doing the Tesla coil
demo.  Perhaps he would have later on if I had been able to sit through all
the religious stuff...



At 07:15 AM 11/01/1999 -0600, you wrote:
>This sounds very much like the Moody Bible Institute's educational
>lectures on Science and Religion. If so, the fellows that do this stunt
>apparently know what they are doing, and have been doing this particular
>demonstration for at least 40 years. When I was only 11 or 12 years old,
>I remember seeing George Speak (after 40 years I STILL remember his
>name) do this program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and as the grand finale'
>he stood in bare feet on top of a large resonator and let 3-4 foot
>sparks jump from his fingertips (which were covered with thimbles). It
>was quite a show! :^)
>I do share your concerns with amateurs trying this, but these guys are
>not amateurs. The risk is more likely from some kid watching the show
>then trying to duplicate the stunt. A few fried kids nationwide, and the
>Safety Nazi's will move in to "help" regulate the hobby...
>-- Bert --