Hello all:
    I'm new to this list, and somewhat inexperienced at coil building, hut I 
have assembled a coil that worked quite well which had an 8 kV. Neon 
transformer as the power source. 
    I'm sixteen and in high school and working on a very low budget, I'm 
going to build a larger coil for the science fair this year. A company here 
in town was kind enough to contribute a 12000 volt / 60 m.a.  Transformer for 
my new power source. My capacitor from my first coil is of insufficient value 
for my new transformer.
My question is does someone know of a source of surplus or used capacitors of 
sufficient value for a 12000 VAC transformer. I would greatly appreciative 
any help in my quest, please feel free to e-mail me directly at 
Sincerely yours,
Leslie Ann Thompson