Re: Damage to the Secondary

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<<  So anyway,  my question was,  just out of
> curiosity, what would happen exactly if I purposely used the damaged coil
> in my Tesla coil system?
>   --Ryan


This depends of a number of variables:  If the wires are overlapped,
this would be bad most likely.  If they're not overlapped, the TC might
work for awhile at low power.  The power level may be a big factor to
whether it will last awhile or work OK at all.  I'm assuming you used
magnet wire.  If the coil was wound with PVC insulated wire, this
can take more abuse, since the space between wires is greater.  
Also, assuming your wires are not overlapped, the coil might last longer if
you coat the windings, especially if the insulation is sliced off in such
a way that the copper from one winding comes very close to the next
winding due to a crushing a shearing effect.  Of course if the copper is
actually shorted to another turn, then you will have a shorted turn and
the performance of the TC will be poor.  Another factor is that since the 
dented area might be pushed inward slightly....it should have less 
tendency to create corona which will help it to last.

Bottom line, it is impossible for me to say exactly what will happen
because of the many unknown factors, some of which I have mentioned.

John Freau