Re: Corona and Sphere - Puzzle -addition

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<< I suspect the voltage drops dramatically and
> the toroid is now "big" enough to shield off any corona. The
> length and duration of the arc is now dependant on the
> capability of the coil (as a whole unit including the topload) to
> "feed" power to the arcs and help sustain them.
> Coiler greets from Germany,
> Reinhard

Reinhard, all,

I would add also that the stronger the streamers, the more the
corona is supressed.  In a weak TC I once made, in which the sparks
could barely break out (2 foot streamers from a 17"  toroid), there was
visible corona on the toroid when it was giving the streamers.  But in my 
stronger TC that gave 80" bolt-like streamers and arcs, I didn't see any
corona on the toroid.  I concluded that the stronger streamers pulls the
voltage down more, which seems to make sense.

John Freau