Re: xfrmr

Thanks everyone for your responses. The transformer is pretty hefty with
lots of insulation between windings, probably weighs 75-100 lbs. or so.
Yes, that's 5.5 amps on secondary. I have no clue what it was used for
as it's at a surplus store. I'd love to find a second one to wire in

Bob Volk

> Two of these in series would be nice   :)   I know that some people
> use 6kV for their coils, but lower than that makes it harder to build
> a suitable spark gap.  You could over-volt the input by 20% or so,
> to get amost 5kV, then use resonant charging to get another 15% 
> voltage rise or so, and use a sync gap at 120 BPS, and it would
> probably work fine.  You'd need a large cap value for any kind of 
> decent power handling though at the low voltage/low BPS.
> Or one of them could power a nice tube coil.  Is that 5.5 amps on
> the secondary?  That's a lot of power, I've never seen a potential
> transformer rated at 22 kilowatts.
> John Freau