Re: A TC without sparks ???

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<< Finally,  can anyone suggest what sort of change in performance I should
> see going from a forced air cooled RQ-gap to a 200BPS sync' rotary on
> a 2KW 4" coil with Cp=44nF.
>                                 Richie,


The relative performance will depend on what the break rate was
using the RQ gap.  If the break-rate was the same, then the sync
gap will outperform.  If the break-rate was higher with the RQ gap,
than the sync gap might not outperform, but this would depend on
how wide the gap spacings of the RQ/TCBOR gap were.  If you are
lowering the break rate with the sync gap, then you may have to
increase the cap size to improve the performance, otherwise your
input power will drop.  It's all a balancing act.  I would need to see
the full specs of the system before and after, before I could predict
what might occur.

John Freau