Re: LDPE Source?

Shipping 4' X 8' LDPE sheets of up to .090" thickness is no problem; it is
just rolled and taped into a 4' by approx 10" dia cylinder. Most of the
supply houses will slit the sheet lengthwise at no charge; if your
capacitor design requires 16" wide dielectric, it is usually best to pay an
additional dollar or two and have them slit the sheet in thirds. The edge
will be straighter than if you try to cut it by hand.

Scott Hanson

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> Original Poster: "Gregory R. Hunter" <ghunter-at-accucomm-dot-net>
> Does anyone know of an on-line source for polyethylene sheet suitable for
> capacitor building?  My own searches have been unsuccessful.
> Greg

I went to the Thomas registry and found the nearest distributor to me was
Akron, Ohio. The problem is the dimension that it is commonly sold; 8 ft by
4 ft; not something so easily shipped. While I could have stainless steel
shipped free of cost from the local metal outlet; the distributors of
plastic sheet do not deliver in my area.
I dont think you will find anyone willing to ship these items UPS and it
would also be an enormous expense. Let me know the needs of your dimensions
and maybe I can supply you some HDPE readily on hand.

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