Re: Success with PP Multi-Mini Cap

>> As I mentioned a few days ago, I have had some encouraging results with a
>> new tank capacitor made from a series/parallel array of small .015uF
>> 1.6KVDC polypropylene commercial caps.  Briefly, I used series strings of
>> sixteen of the caps for an effective DC voltage rating of 25.6KV, with a
>> 15KV-RMS/60mA NST power supply.


>        Very interesting.  How much do the individual capacitors cost and
>where did you get them?

I got them at All Electronics,  http://www.allcorp-dot-com has their catalog
in PDF format.  They were selling the Wima units for $0.75 each.  They
had 300 on hand and I ordered 200 of them, so they may not have enough
left.  But they did have another .015uF/1500V polypropylene unit listed,
not sure what the make/model is (listed as THD 23-3, you may want to
question them on this and research exactly what this is before laying
down $100+) so you could still try them.

Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA