Re: Plans for layered cap

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Chris Tominkson <internetinbox-at-yahoo-dot-com>
> Well, it would be just like a rolled PE-cap, except its
> not rolled up, and it does not need two "sheets" of PE
> for two plates.
> Like this:
>            |-Wire, connected to Al flashing
>            |
>            |
>            |-Wire, connected to Al flashing
> Simple, but if you want to save space you can: Make
> several smaller units, or Connect several plates. Like
> this:
>                ALALALALALALALAL----0
>                PEPEPEPEPEPEPEPE    |
>           0----ALALALALALALALAL    |---Out
>           |    PEPEPEPEPEPEPEPE    |
>     In----|    ALALALALALALALAL----0
>           |    PEPEPEPEPEPEPEPE
>           0----ALALALALALALALAL
> Understand?, The zeros mean conection, well thats all.
> Chris.

Wait a minute.  As I understand it, you still need a vacuum unless the
plates your using are placed vertically in the container.  From what
I've read, this is because if they were laid horizontally, air could
still be trapped between the plates.  In a vertical configuration, the
air can just rise up.

My question is, what's the best way to keep the air out, suppress
corona, preserve capacitor integrity, and prevent oil from getting
between the plates, messing with the distance between them and
dielectric constant?

I'm sort of a math purist.  Too many calculations, not enough
construction, I guess.

Sorry to complicate things,