Re: Displacement Current Revisited

"John, Ed and list,

Where is the citation that Tesla made the above quote?  I would like to
the quote and read it in the context in which it is written.

Ed, I think it's been well established that a disruptive TC not only has 
RF EM current, but also has an independant DC bias and polarity. 
Hull has powered small electrostatic motors from this DC (ES)
from his coils.  As I understand it, these motors will only run with ES 
power and not with EM.

I think the analogy of a firing disruptive TC to a conventional
is not totally correct in establishing absence of a net DC current
in a TC secondary.  The two are very far apart especially in their
inductance and coupling.


        The "DC bias" observed by just about everyone who has "played with"
TC's appears to be due to rectification due to nonlinear conduction in
the discharge, and not due to significant DC currents flowing in the
coil, or associated directly with the normal excitation.  Minute average
currents, certainly not enough to generate a significant DC magnetic