Re: DC to AC Converter

Tesla List wrote:

> I too would be interested in a inverter design. I believe this is on-topic,
> for any coilers wanting to do remote coiling. Commercial inverters are
> going to be $400+ for 750 watts or more. Generators, are realistically the
> most economical...

Seems like this would be a perfect application for some of these 400 hz surplus
generators you see for sale for essentially scrap value.  400 hz should go
through a pig just fine (don't know about NST).  C&H sales has several large
hz machines cheap (http://www.candhsales-dot-com)  That and an el-cheapo car motor
would do the trick for far less than what an inverter would cost.  400 hz
are dirt cheep too.  A 2 pole motor would really make a rotary gap sing! 
be 24,000 rpm.

The compact car motor trick is very viable.  I built a 20 kw 60 generator for
catering wagon (I own a restaurant too) using a surplus generator and a toyota
corolla motor.  The motor will pull the load at 1800 rpm and is as quiet as a
sewing machine.  This one has an electronic carburator and I was able to use it
to tune the engine for the best economy.  I paid $200 for the engine and tranny
(to have something to hook the starter to) and all the support equipment
(radiator, etc) delivered to my shop.

John De Armond
Neon John's Custom Neon
"Bendin' Glass 'n Passin' Gas"