Re: Alternative supply for tesla coils

Diodes in parallel may not solve your problem.  Unless the HV diode strings
in each composite diode are precision matched, one of the strings will
still conduct most of the current.  You can approximately equilize the
current by using a series resistor for each diode in parallel.  

But you may not need to parallel diodes at all.  Using a series resistor
with just a single diode may also do the job as it will limit the peak
current the diode needs to handle.  Try about a 500 Ohm resistor rated at
about 50 watts (for 300 ma).


As Shaun
> explains it, it uses two seperate rectifiers, creating a negative
> supply and a positive one.  Both of those supplies in series create
> the total difference.  This allowed us to get 7kv from one microwave
> transformer.  While it oscillated in a Tesla Coil tank circuit as it was
> supposed too, the arcs of the spark gap pulled too much current
> killing the diodes after a few seconds.  Several diodes in parrallel
> should fix this.