Re: DC to AC Converter

Yes inverters are a bit on the spendy side. How many batteries are you
going to be running off of? One thing, if you are not already aware, do not
use car batteries. Golf cart batteries would be best, or any other deep
cycle battery. 

I too would be interested in a inverter design. I believe this is on-topic,
for any coilers wanting to do remote coiling. Commercial inverters are
going to be $400+ for 750 watts or more. Generators, are realistically the
most economical...


David Trimmell

At 08:17 PM 3/24/1999 , you wrote:
>Original Poster: gweaver <gweaver-at-earthlink-dot-net> 
>I would like to have a converter to run my small portable TC from a car
>battery. Does anyone have a good circuit drawing for a converter that is
>small, simple, light weight, that really works. I need 750 watts, 120 VAC
>from 12 VDC 60 Hz.
>I got a circuit from the web that uses two 2N3055 transistors that claims to
>produce 250 watts output, but maximum output is really 60 watts and I need a
>1 lb. heat sink on each transistor.  I built a circuit using 10 transistors,
>10 pounds of aluminum heat sinks, 500 watt transformer, and misc parts. It
>produces 360 watts output, measures 12" by 12" by 16" and weights about 35
>Wal Mart has a 250 watt unit for $65.00 that weights about 2 lbs. 
>I have some SCR's rated 400 amps 600 volts.  Is there a way to use an SCR to
>build a converter? 
>Gary Weaver