Re: Coiling in South Africa

Hi Robert,
I checked the yellow pages and I'll start phoning around as soon as I 
have the time (and the cash if/when I need it)I don't think there were 
even as many as 20 xfmr companies in my area, but anyway. I got Richard 
Quick's guide to rebuilding neon's, which might come in handy (I can't 
think of the location now - but if anyone's interested, contact me) I 
occasionally catch a "double-decker" bus and have noticed a few 
non-functioning NST's on the roofs of restaurants - I'll propably try 
that route as well - "Hi, what sort of pizza can I get you?", "Well 
actually I'd like the neon transformer sitting on your roof." <grin> 

If there is anyone out there who does know of a contact in the Jo'burg 
area - please get in touch.

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